2018 Spring Fine Art Show – Prospectus, Application and Call for Volunteers

After missing the 2017 Fine Art Show, which would have been the 13th, we now have Michele Schuck and Lila Dudley stepping up to the plate to chair the 2018 Fine Art Show.

Click HERE! for the Prospectus & Application

We will need volunteers to assist the set up and operation of the show, so please contact Michele at 623-536-9968 or e-mail her at mschuck3@gmail.com

Positions needed:

  • Artists’ Reception Chair
  • Volunteer Coordinator to schedule the artists working at the show
  • Artist Check-in/Pick-up subcommittee
  • Someone who has a publicity/marketing background
  • A Resident of Wickenburg to help with mail

Prospectus and Applications will be available early in 2018.

Hi! Let us know what you think!