Photography Group: Themes for 2017-2018

Creativity rocks!  In order to spur our creativity, focus our attention, and push ourselves to look at something a different way, we will continue to have themes to work on during our next season.  This is not mandatory, but simply something fun to work toward and share during our monthly meetings.

2017-2018 Monthly Themes

  • Oct: Your Summer Vacation
  • Nov: Hands / Feet
  • Dec: Roads / Trails
  • January: Lights
  • Feb: Self-portrait without your face
  • March : Doors / windows
  • April: Birds / mammals
  • May:  Food

In the spirit of the theme, limit this to photos that have been taken over the last year. The whole idea is to practice, get out there (or stay in there), exercise your eye and talents, grow as an artist, and take new photos. This is why we are getting the Themes out there early, so you can start!!!

 While we prefer to see photos from the theme, share any photos you like; whatever you are working on that is lighting your fire! However, please limit the total number of photos to share to 5 or less. That should give us more time to really view, chew, discuss artistic and technical aspects, and offer constructive ideas if so desired.

And just to keep us on our toes and looking while we are out and about with our cameras, here are the

2018-2019 Monthly Themes

  • Oct:  Your Vacation
  • Nov: Sequence showing progression of movement
  • Dec: Patterns in Nature
  • Jan: Stairs / Ladders
  • Feb: Depth of field
  • March: Reflections
  • April: Unnatural colors
  • May: Laborer(s)

Hi! Let us know what you think!