Our Members

Members and Their Art

Of our approximately 225 members, more than 170 members are juried in one or more media. Currently, we have members juried in the following media:

Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil, Clay, Stained Glass, Beads, Mixed media (paper art) ,Jewelry, Oil, Gourds, Polymer, Clay, Textiles, Pastel, Cabochon, Silversmith, Sculpture, Photography, Pen/Ink, Silk Painting, Drawing, Basketry, Carving,  Leather, Woodcarving, Wood burning, Ivory Sculpture, Metal Sculpture, Mixed Media (collage), Mixed Media (mosaics), Digital Painting, Mixed Media (textiles),
Scratchboard, Charcoal, Digital Photo Art, Porcelain Painting.

Not all of our members are juried – so the above list of media in which our members work is not inclusive. There is something for everyone!

Several of our member’s profiles and links to their personal web pages can be accessed  HERE!

Our Own Gallery Ring of Honor –

During our 2014 Jubilee Year, WAC honored our past and present members by inviting them to display  artworks in our “Ring Of Honor”.  There are 31 artists  with a variety of 2-D and 3-D artworks to enjoy.  These were on display during our 10th Annual Fine Art Festival. We have art from two past members who actually started with the “club” in 1963 – Betty Huff and Earl Huff, our past president, who was credited with securing the Wickenburg Town Library for our Artisans’ Fair venue!

The artists displaying are:   1963-1964   Betty Huff (basketry);  1963-1964  Earl Huff (acrylic), past president;  1964  Wanda Chrzanowski (oils);  1964  Hazel Bodin Odle (honorable mention);   1964  Caroline Macias Hershkowitz (oil);  1986  Teen Wells (oil);  1987  Don Linn (sculptures);  1988  Louise Carty (pastels);  1989  Eleanor Huetson (watercolor);  1989  Dorothy Plagens (oil);  1991  Marybelle Griffin (oil);  1991  Jo Anne Zimmerman (oil);  1992  Georgia Kobylinsky (china painting);  1993  Harriet MacDonald (watercolor);  1993  Arija Powell (mixed media, watercolor);  1994  Marty Clark (honorable mention);  1996  Jeanine Brown (oil);  1997  Norm Geitz (ivory carvings);  1997  Donnie Ross (clay);  1998  Helen Jenson (mixed media);  1999  Sharon Pearson (mixed media);  2000  Leilani Watt (drawing);  2001  Joani Mangold (drawing);  2001  Suzanne Cabala (textiles, stained glass);  2001  Don Vance

Pam Morris Johnson,
Chairman of WAC Gallery