President – Fred Fleck
Vice President – Rick McGill
Secretary – Helen Jenson
Treasurer – Fred Fleck (acting)
Director of Media – Linda McNulty
Chair, Artisans’ Fair – Joe Ann Hancock
Member at Large – Pierre Prouty


  • Artifacts Editor – Linda McNulty
  • Facebook – Donna Drake
  • Artists at Work – Addie Synar
  • WAC Fine Art Show – Lila Dudley & Camilla Heasty
  • WAC Gallery – Pam Morris-Johnson
  • Artisans’ Fair 2018
  • Artisans’ Fair    Joe Ann Hancock
  • Fine Art Show  Helen Jenson
  • Volunteers  Position Open
  • Clay Master-Jackie Raatz & Doug Crammer
  • Hospitality-Patti Knowlton
  • Librarian-Gabrielle Moate
  • Membership-Shirley Bartell
  • Newsletter Editor-Linda McNulty
  • Plenn Air Outings-Rick McGill
  • Publicity- Position Open
  • Photography Group-Donna Drake
  • Writers Group- Sandy Derau
  • Volunteer Coordinator-Position Open
  • Webmaster-Ray Lee
  • Youth Education-Position Open

 Term of Office

A nominating committee is formed in September to propose a slate of candidates for the elected offices. The slate is presented at the November General Meeting and the membership votes for the candidates for each office. The new officers are installed at the December Pot Luck dinner and take office on the 1st of January of the new year. These are two year terms.

The President and the Board solicit candidates for the Chair positions in September and choose their new Chairs to start in January. There is no membership voting on the Chair positions. More than one member may come forward to take a Chair position, with the second member acting as “Co-Chair” of the committee or event.